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San Francisco SEO Conference: What We Learned for You!

What can’t you do with SEO? For all types of enterprisers - from bloggers to business owners to basket weavers - the possibilities are endless. While the landscape is always changing, SEO experts have the monopoly on nailing down the most effective trends; and who better for you to glean info from than us? After all, we’re one of the most reputable search engine marketing firms in operation.

Search Engine Land recently revealed one tip for becoming an SEO ubergeek that no doubt left many scratching their heads; not because it was confusing, but because it was, well…obvious. The tip? “Become obvious!”

That’s the secret to search engine success at the most basic level…but as you may have guessed, there is a little more to it than that. As Southern California/San Francisco SEO aficionados, we help our clients gain visibility by:

  • Analyzing search engine algorithms
  • Reading the latest news from Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Staying on top of all search-related developments
  • Attending educational conferences and other strategic events

And those we can’t attend, we read up on - for instance, the San Francisco SEO event known as the Search Engine Strategies, or SES, conference. This year, SES covered the “future of search” - a topic we’ll address in another post - but to summarize, we learned about new SEO developments like:

  • Google Instant
  • The Bing/Facebook partnership
  • The Yahoo/Bing search and advertising connection

…and how we can use them to impact your business’ online marketing efforts. Unlike many SEO firms that set out to educate clients on search engine marketing techniques, Crest Media takes our responsibility for your marketing success seriously; when you entrust your marketing strategies to us, we worry about how these strategies will be implemented - so you don’t have to.

You have a business to run…and so do we! You take care of your operation, and we’ll take care of ours. The good news for you: Our business only succeeds when yours does!

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