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Search Engine Optimization goes Hand-in-Hand with Mobile Web Design

Mobile SEOIf you own an ecommerce site, you can pretty much decide what marketing efforts are worth it by taking a look at your sales. And, if you have a mobile site, then you have probably determined it to be a worthwhile endeavor because your mobile site, if it was designed correctly, has likely brought some sales your way. That’s because the smartphone crowd is pretty motivated and they tend to have more money to spend.

However, usability is a concern when it comes to mobile web design. Smartphones only have a 3-4 inch screen, and your designer has to squeeze all your relevant information into that small space to grab and hold the user’s attention. This is a tough dilemma. Usually, a mobile app is a good solution. Nothing delivers content with the usability and instantaneous response that a native app can provide. Of course, it’s important to hire a mobile web design professional who can design that app as well as your mobile site.

So, here’s another scenario. Now, you have an app and it is the centerpiece of your new mobile marketing strategy. However, you have to get that app in front of people in order for it to make an impact on your sales. That’s where search engine optimization comes in. Google is finally starting to take a definitive stance on best practices for mobile SEO. You need a great channel for promoting your app, and that channel is a mobile-optimized website in accordance with these new positions Google has taken.

A mobile-optimized website is going to have all the key features for mobile SEO, such as mentioning your product name in the HTML page titles, just as you do on your desktop website. But it takes skill to comply with Google Mobile, using the same example being page titles, which only allows you 55 characters to work with (versus 70 characters for desktop.)

A good mobile web design provider will also re-process your product images to get the files down to the smallest possible size, 50kb JPEGS or less. And finally, that professional should also be able to utilize SEO terms in the written content of your mobile site. The culmination of these efforts can take a mobile site from “blah” to “wow” in a short amount of time.

For more questions on how search engine optimization goes hand-in-hand with mobile web design, contact Crest Media today. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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