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Search Engine Optimization tips for Ecommerce Website Success

SEO Tips For EcommerceSearch engine optimization stands in the gap between a flourishing ecommerce business and dismal ecommerce failure. Making sure your entire website, including your home page and product pages, are optimized for search engines is vital if you want to succeed at the ecommerce game.

Take a few tips from us for good search engine optimization of your ecommerce website:

Use Keyword Rich Title Tags

The title tag is one of the most important aspects of your page. If you enter keyword into Google – nearly any keyword you can think of – you’ll notice that most of the Google results on the first page will have that keyword in the title tag.

Now, to choose this important keyword, you have to do some research. To find the most effective keyword for your title tag, use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. It’s free, and it shows you the average number of searches that any given keyword receives in a month, both locally and globally.

Use Meta Descriptions in Your Product Page Headers

If you search Google for any keyword (using the same keyword twice for this exercise is fine), you’ll notice that the results page usually displays descriptions that have the keyword in them. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, for top notch search engine optimization on your ecommerce site, you should use your product’s keywords in your description, and let that be your meta tag. Oh, and be sure to make each description unique. Duplicating these tags will result in being penalized by Google; that penalty comes in the form of low search engine rankings.

Use Alt Tags in Product Images

By using an alt tag, you can help your product photos become excellent search engine optimization tools for your ecommerce site. The alt tag is what makes sure your image can be seen by users who do a Google image search for your product, because it tells the search engines what the image is. How do you optimize your alt tag? By making the keyword you are optimizing that specific product page for part of the tag.

Use Strong Product Descriptions

Simply stating the name of each product is not enough. To practice good search engine optimization on your ecommerce website, write a thorough description of each product – one that says what it is, how it works (if applicable) and any other important features that can help boost your search engine optimization.

There are other ways to power up your search engine optimization on an ecommerce site, and we will revisit the discussion soon. In the meantime, start implementing these tips to see your search engine results take a positive turn.

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