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SEO Cost: What Makes SEO Fees Different?

As an established Los Angeles SEO company, we are familiar with inquiries over the cost of SEO services. But the truth is, the cost of SEO depends on many things. It’s a little like buying a hamburger; if you’re happy with a thin patty, a couple of pickles and a little ketchup, then the golden arches equivalent of SEO packages may suit your needs just fine. However, if you want something a little more extensive – what California SEO customers might call the In ‘n Out Burger of SEO services – then prepare to pay a little more (especially if you want the milkshake too).

Others have compared it to buying a car, which is also a fair comparison. One writer states that SEO consulting of high caliber will help you:

  • Pinpoint your customers’ intent, needs and pressing problems
  • Identify customer expectations based on your website
  • Decide how you will deliver value
  • Expose areas of profitability
  • Create solid conversion points
  • Customize the user experience

The bottom line is that if you want optimal impact, you may need to budget for a little more. SEO is not a service designed to “fix” a bad website, nor is it something that instantly grants your site credibility the moment a few keywords and links are inserted.

On the contrary, it’s more like building a home; it’s a process that takes time to come to fruition, and requires maintenance even after the goal is achieved. Just as there are numerous types of homes, each of which fluctuates slightly from the next in terms of style, quality and location (which, along with market conditions, determine the price), there are also numerous types of SEO strategies, wrapped up in packages that differ in pricing structures according to who is providing them and what advantages they can offer the client.

Our Los Angeles, California SEO firm is glad to answer prospective client questions on SEO cost. You can also learn more regarding the various components of SEO services by continuing to explore the contents of this site.

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