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SEO Tips For SXSW Startups From Our Los Angeles Agency

SXSW Startup VillageSXSW continues through this weekend in Austin TX, with the music and film portion rounding out the week. But the real stars of the show were the startups that were unveiled days ago, when the festival kicked off its Interactive Startup Village. One such startup was Yeah Super, which made a name for itself because the founders put the entire operation together in three days before boarding a “Startup Bus” en route from Boston to Austin. SEO companies like ours get excited about new startups because they add vitality and newsworthiness to our industry. Local search marketing services are for everyone: small businesses with new websites, small businesses with old websites, and start up websites whose business is 100% online. Everyone can benefit from search engine optimization.

That’s why as a Los Angeles SEO company, we want to promote what the experts have to say about search engine optimization for startups. It’s been said that creating and setting up the company is only two-thirds of the challenge – and then, the real work of building a marketing strategy begins. Without that strategy, no one will know the business exists. With that in mind, here are some SEO tips for startups from some of the biggest names in SEO:

Think SEO first: Think about SEO before you even name the company, says aimClear Founder Marty Weintraub. Make sure search engine bots can crawl the site by optimizing it with appropriate keywords on and off the page and in social media profiles. And of course, publish unique and current content to serve readers better. This will give any startup an advantage.

Do your research: The biggest problem, Reliable SEO founder David Harry says, is that new sites are at a disadvantage because they are less established, but it is possible for them to make up for that by being better at SEO than their more established competition. “One of the more common mistakes for a startup is in the research,” he says. “Formal keyword research and targeting is paramount for any kind of ongoing programming and is more often than not an afterthought for most startups. Resources are finite and must be allotted wisely.”

Then, do it right: Harry then takes it a step further, saying that there are advantages to starting from scratch too – like the ability to do things accurately. Getting site architecture and usability in place will benefit a startup’s search engine optimization and more. Much of the battle is won before it begins, whether it’s on-site SEO, “socializing” the site, or creating logical paths and conversion-driven funnels. Local search marketing can give a startup an advantage as well, when the company has a separate campaign to target its local market (even if it offers national services).

SXSW InteractiveFor the Los Angeles SEO companies, app developers and other startups looking for a little Austin SEO from SXSW press, these tips should help point them in the right direction.

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