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Should Small Businesses be on Google+?

Google+ just turned one, but its reputation already comes close to that of other social media channels that died a painful death. Google denies this, with claims that Google+ has 75 million daily active users. Regardless, there’s a mutual attitude of “we’re just not that into it” among many social media users, many of whom are Google loyalists.

So no, Google+ isn’t popular. But yes, without a doubt, small businesses should still be on it, and we aren’t the only social media agency that feels this way. What’s the logic behind this?

First, being on Google+ gives small businesses more visibility across all Google platforms. It integrates with Google Search, Google Places, Google Maps, etc. – every Google property on which small businesses need to be seen. Being on Google+ gives you authority on these Google platforms, which can greatly improve your SEO. Any good social media agency will tell you this.

Second, Google+ can be used as an internal communication tool for your small business. Some companies, like national fitness chain Zumba Fitness, use Google+ to communicate with coworkers in real-time. If the company is already using Gmail, then it makes sense to use Google+ for instant messaging rather than Facebook or Skype. Plus, Google+ Hangouts can be a convenient (and free!) way to do small business video conferencing.

True, those are only two reasons that small businesses should be on Google+, but they’re pretty powerful ones and as the platform develops, more are sure to follow. Better search rankings and internal communications capabilities are no small potatoes; they’re essentials for the small business owner. If your SMB can get them for free by utilizing a social media channel like Google+, why would you miss out?

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