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Should You Outsource to Many Digital Marketing “Specialists?”

Should You Outsource Digital Marketing?It is true that while we have doctors who attend to our overall health, we also have specialists who are better at treating specific medical needs. For that reason, some business owners believe they must have a different agency or “specialist” for every aspect of an online marketing campaign. But hiring a different company to handle each component of the campaign is generally, a bad idea. Why should you choose just one company to address all your digital marketing needs simultaneously? There are three reasons.

The first one is communication. When you have a San Francisco Web design firm building your site, an SEO company in Los Angeles getting it optimized for search engines and an advertising agency in Austin acting as your social media agency, the lines of communication are bound to get crossed. You are using different teams of people who don’t know each other, all of whom have different approaches to the job of marketing your business – not to mention the multiple time zones involved. If it sounds like a headache, that’s because it is! Throw in yet another professional to act as your pay per click company, and it complicates things even further.

True, you could provide access to a content management system so that everyone can communicate, but there will be people on the project who won’t use it – and you’ll be left wondering what those people are doing when you don’t hear from them. Using a single digital marketing resource eliminates this unpleasant scenario.

The second reason is convenience. Rather than working with several different vendors and experiencing this outsourcing nightmare, you could choose to hire one efficient resource for Web design, SEO, social media and pay per click services simply for the sake of convenience. That way, you are still getting specialists for each task – but they are all working under the same umbrella, so you can spare yourself the time, money and frustration involved with juggling all of them. Convenience isn’t something to be underestimated; your time is valuable, so convenience should be a priority.

Then, there is cost efficiency. Marketing services are an investment no matter what; if they are quality, then there is no such thing as “cheap.” But you can still make cost effective decisions about your marketing budget, such as hiring a single firm. Contracting several different companies to deliver marketing services is bound to cost more than choosing one resource to handle your entire website conversion optimization project.

Crest Media is a Web design firm, social media agency and SEO company in Los Angeles, so we have identified these as the top reasons to choose a single Web marketing resource. Can you think of any other reasons? Let us know in the comments below.

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