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Social Media Agency Fees are a Big Payoff for Small Business

San Francisco Social Media Clients Look Beyond Just SEO For Their Internet Marketing EffortsDo you use social media for marketing? One recent survey indicated that the majority of small business owners (70%, to be exact) do. Experts say that over the past year, there has been a 50% increase in the number of small businesses that utilize social media; and in fact, more than half of these same businesses claimed a shockingly low marketing budget of $2,500 dollars annually, or less.

With that in mind, the question “What’s the payoff for social media marketing?” can be answered rather easily. If a business invests a substantial amount of its marketing budget in social media, that business will trim marketing costs by untold amounts. Think about it: Social media sites are free to use, as is their analytical data for your company’s profiles, in most cases.

At the core of social media marketing, its benefit for businesses is twofold: engage your potential client base on a personable, one-to-one relationship and examine their responses to your firm’s engagement in order to better determine the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts. For those who wish to do it right by launching a strategic campaign, a social media agency can manage these efforts at a relatively low cost. Even in a large city like San Francisco, social media campaigns can be outsourced to a firm at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

There’s a good reason why social media is on the lips of everyone that matters in marketing: It shrinks your marketing budget, but pays off indefinitely in the short and long run alike. Your Facebook, Twitter, social bookmarking, and other social media efforts can bring in customers in ways that billboards, television commercials, and newspaper ads may not – but you’ll never know how they work unless you get started with a social media agency that can manage and track these efforts for you. Find out what our national and San Francisco social media clients are talking about when you take advantage of our social media expertise!

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