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Social Media Agency Workshops: How Much are they Worth?

San Francisco social media clients consider the unique benefits of marketing efforts on Social Media platformsIt’s not just LA and San Francisco social media authorities who are encouraging businesses to get on the bandwagon; at least one East Coast social media agency has figured out that local business owners need to brush up on their social media skills in order to compete in the battle for brand awareness, and is offering their services to the public in a one-day seminar.

Client communications expert Bill Drury and Google-rated No. 1 social media expert Giovanni Gallucci tapped into the Virginia business community’s social media needs with a workshop held yesterday, on March 23, and charging a respectable fee for information and tips. With that in mind, it begs the question: How much is social media agency knowledge worth?

For small business owners who need help with their online presence, it’s value could be incalculable. Think about it: Building an army of Facebook fans, an enthusiastic Twitter following, or a lengthy network of both colleagues and clients on LinkedIn can do wonders for local businesses. That’s why many hire a Southern California or San Francisco social media firm to help them.

But for those who prefer the DIY approach to marketing, seminars like these can significantly propel their efforts and extend the knowledgebase of good practices to a broader audience of businesses. If you’ve ever been to a workshop by a social media agency, we’d like to hear about your experience.

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