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Social Media for PR?

Do you use social media sites in your PR campaigns? Our San Diego web design company highly recommends it. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter aren’t just notorious time drainers for bored office workers; they’re powerful, effective promotional tools for business owners like you. Recently, Lisa Buyer of Florida-based firm The Buyer Group told Web Pro News that social media is creating more opportunities for PR people and marketers - not, as some have argued, “killing” them.

Our San Diego web design/online marketing clients are evidence of her observations. With Facebook becoming a search engine in itself, and Twitter holding the monopoly on immediate direct messaging to a targeted audience - well, there’s really no denying that social media is the way to go for businesses who want to reach their prospects and existing customer base quickly, practically, and effectively.

Our social media clients have expressed enormous satisfaction with the results of this PR effort; and yes, these clients represent a wide variety of industries. What strategies have we found to be the most effective? They’re the same ones that the industry giants are recommending, so you can know that you’re in the most capable of hands. We suggest:

  • Devising your content strategy (our account reps are there to help with this) - then, modify as needed every month
  • Using keywords in post titles (when applicable) or tweets
  • Encouraging comments in all your social media formats
  • Adding social media links to your press releases
  • Link to your press releases and any positive news articles on your social media pages

No matter what product or service you provide, you can benefit from social media as a PR tool. It doesn’t need to replace your press releases, online ads, or company blog; in fact, our San Diego web design/SEO company can assist you with those efforts as well.

Instead, social media is just one more arrow in your online marketing quiver. And you know what they say: The more arrows you have, the more likely you are to hit the target…or in this case, the more prospects you’re likely to reach!

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