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SoLoMo Stats No Business Can Afford to Ignore [INFOGRAPHIC]

For those business owners who still haven’t considered the benefits in implementing a more wholistic internet marketing strategy, like SoLoMo, our newest infographic asks & answers a very important question for those who are new to the discussion: do the stats add up? And the answer is yes!

For the unitiated, its important to remember that anecdotal evidence of this strategy working or not working should be taken with a grain of salt. SoLoMo is no different than SEO or more traditional marketing techniques in that it takes time to not only refine the strategy around your brand’s strongest potential clients, but also to build a presence & reputation among socially engaged, locally active and those who are “digitally connected” when mobile.

As anyone can see from the infographic, the two most important questions when implementing this strategy are quite simply: Are you really marketing to your true customer and are you making it easy for them to become your customer? From a cursory glance at the mentioned statistics, its easy to see the potential customers that are using some or all social media, mobile browsing & location-based technologies and how virtually all decision makers amongst consumers and other businesses are becoming more connected & dependent on these platforms.

If you’ve seen examples of SoLoMo being a success to a business, have observed an un-addressed need in the realm of this marketing technique, or are simply ready to learn more about it, leave us a comment or send us an inquiry today!

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