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Spam? Not At Our California SEO Firm

Web spam: For many Internet users, it’s offensive enough to turn them off of search engines altogether. Web spam seems to be the primary reason many business owners shy away from implementing SEO into their website; after all, no one wants to inundate their website visitors with excessive and obvious keywords. At our Southern California SEO firm, we thoroughly understand these concerns.

For that reason, we regard ourselves as a cut above the rest - what the blog ZDNet refers to as “white hat SEOs” - as opposed to less popular (but sadly, quite common) “black hat SEOs” that overwhelm their clients’ sites with geo-targeted keywords to the point that the text is almost unreadable. These companies are doing their clients an unfortunate disservice in an attempt to stay competitive - an attempt that may result in more hits, but hardly more conversions.

As one of our savvy California SEO clients, you likely know that hits are great; but conversions (when website visitors become paying customers) are the only way you make money. In fact, the Web spam phenomenon has become so problematic that Google recently launched a Web spam reporting extension from Google Chrome - and that’s on top of their existing Web spam division.

When you consider that the number one name in search engines has beefed up their spam-fighting resources to this extent, it should inspire relief - relief that your Southern California SEO provider avoids exhaustive, spam-like keyword usage.

Plus, our e-mail marketing service stays away from spam as well. Crest Media is proudly in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, which forbids e-mail marketers from sending e-mail advertisements to anyone who hasn’t opted into the business’ subscriber list (among other regulations). It’s just one more way we demonstrate our commitment to ethical, professional e-mail marketing strategies.

We’d love to tell you about our California SEO company’s dedication to eradicating spam from our clients’ websites…but we have work to do! Check back with us soon for more details.

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