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Statistics on Mobile Websites to Motivate Businesses

Mobile Web StatsIt has often been said that mobile Web use is expected to surpass desktop use by the end of 2013. Its an interesting claim to make, but what proof do we have? Our Los Angeles Web design firm has been studying the change in trends and believes these mobile Web statistics back up the claim pretty substantially. Hopefully, these statistics will also help motivate those businesses that have yet to optimize their sites for mobile use and capture their potential clients who are searching on the go.

  • Between December 2009 and May 2012, mobile Web traffic made a jump from 1% to 10% of all Web traffic. That’s a 9% increase in just three years’ time.
  • One survey of digital marketing providers revealed that mobile optimization, which includes mobile application development and high end Web design of mobile sites, is currently the top priority for the industry. 43% of respondents said it is their #1 priority, ahead of social media, targeting, content marketing and content optimization. Source: eConsultancy
  • From 2011 to 2012, worldwide mobile phone sales nearly doubled (from $6.7 billion to $11.6 billion). By 2015, mobile sales are expected to hit $31 billion.

Then, we uncovered three figures that underscore an intense need for optimizing a mobile website for user-friendliness, so that it will appeal to consumers:

  • Regarding user satisfaction, 61% of users say they will leave a mobile site if it is not properly optimized for mobile use.
  • Regarding customer relations, 48% of users say they feel like when a site does not load properly on their smartphones, it leads them to feel like the company does not care about earning their business.
  • Regarding conversion optimization, 67% of users say they are more likely to make a purchase if a site is mobile friendly.

The following mobile Web design factors are rated as being the most important to mobile users:

  1. Bigger buttons that are easier to press
  2. Faster navigation (no more than one or two clicks to get to a desired page)
  3. A better screen fit (this is why responsive Web design is the best way to design a mobile site)
  4. A clean look that makes the site appear designed for efficiency
  5. A way to save information on the site for future reference

The data makes it clear: Businesses that have yet to optimize their mobile sites are losing out. To keep users on your mobile site and increase conversion rate, you need to get your mobile house in order. A high end Web design firm that offers mobile design and mobile application development can design your mobile website. Contact Crest Media, a Los Angeles Web design provider, for more information.

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