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Steps to increase website sales by 300%

Is your website good enough? The short answer is almost always “no!” While this doesn’t automatically mean that most or all businesses are deliberately doing something wrong, the simple truth is that website sales goals are never good enough because every website, for every business, can always be improved upon.

So, how do you make those improvements? The goal should always be to provide a website experience that results in the user to doing exactly what you want them to do. With that in mind, the first question you need to answer is: What do you want them to do?

For some, it’s generating sales. For others, it’s less committal: filling out a contact form, calling the business on the phone, or clicking like on the business’s Facebook page. Once your goal is established, you can get started on making website improvements that will move you closer to achieving the goal.

Start Working Backwards From Your Website Sales Goals

After your goal is determined, your next course of action is to start working backwards. That means determining what path your users need to take to reach the goal you have established, and then start working on it backwards - from the final goal, to the first click.

If the path is from the Home page, to the About Us page, to the Products page to the order form - then those are the pages you need to improve. Or, maybe the path is shorter - say, from a landing page to your contact form. Whatever you determine the path to be, that is what’s called your conversion funnel and its an essential concept to website sales. You need to improve every step (a.k.a. page) of that funnel in order to you reach your goal.

Some ideas for improving the pages in your conversion funnel include:

  • Modifying fonts and colors
  • Adding new images
  • Changing the page layout
  • Revising the text

All of these things are services we can help you with! Crest Media has a competent staff on hand to help you improve every page in your conversion funnel, so you can move closer to your achieving your website sales goal. Contact us today to learn more!

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