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Successful Social Media Strategies: Two Top Examples

Arizona & Nevada Firms Exhibit Effective Social Media PracticesFor some businesses, social media is not bringing about the success it was supposed to. They pictured thousands of conversions as a result of their strategically acquired fans and followers – but instead, what they got was a strategically acquired headache. Do you ever wonder how the companies who do it right implement their successful social media strategies? You’re about to find out. Read on for two of the most inspiring social media success stories in business here.

Zappos: This Nevada social media expert is really an online retailer of shoes, clothing and accessories. How did they achieve so much social media clout? By becoming known for creating real relationships with their social media fans. For example, their Facebook custom welcome tab features the catchy saying, “Let’s be in a Like-Like relationship.” This shows that they treat their potential Facebook fans as equals – not subordinates. Then, the newly acquired fans are invited to read “fans-only content,” an increasingly popular strategy that involves revealing content only after someone has become a fan. Once you click the Zappos Like button, you get instant access to exclusive content, videos and special promotions.

Finally, there’s an engagement strategy called the Zappos “Fan of the Week” contest. This involves encouraging fans to send in their photos with the Zappos box, and other fans can vote on the best photo of the week. Then, Zappos highlights the winner by putting him or her in their wall image photo for all to see. This is called rewarding the customer, and it’s why Zappos is a veritable Nevada social media superhero.

Convince & Convert: To be fair, Convince & Convert is an actual social media strategy firm with clients across North America. Its founder, Jay Baer, is a social media expert and co-author of the book The Now Revolution. So yes, social media is his business – and business is good. What can CA, NV or Arizona social media hopefuls learn from him? Something called social proof. One example of a social proof strategy is to place a link to all comments at the top of each blog post, something Jay has done for quite some time. What this does is tell the reader how many others have interacted with the blog post, making it more appealing to them and more likely they will read it themselves.

Jay also includes social share buttons in strategic locations. Rather than only placing a button on one area of the post, he includes them at the top and at the end of each one. To get more people to share your content, you can provide more opportunities via social share buttons in numerous places throughout your site; and, take Jay’s cue regarding the LinkedIn button, which can help you attract more followers who are serious about networking or supporting a fellow business person.

To see these strategies outlined in detail, read about all nine companies that are currently doing social media right in the eyes of experts.

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