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Survey: Online Marketing Embraced by Small Business Owners

San Francisco Social Media clients see the importance of many pieces in the Internet Marketing puzzleIt looks like our LA/San Francisco social media team is doing something right; the largest online network of local business owners in the U.S., MerchantCircle, conducted a survey that says so. What did they find? That 70% of their 8,500 small/local business owner members claim to have embraced online marketing. What’s the appeal for them? Experts cite the following reasons:

Simplicity: As complicated as search engine marketing may seem to the untrained eye, the process of optimizing a website is actually quite straightforward. Geo-targeting keywords, building links, and refreshing content are relatively simple ways to make sure your business stays visible to a large (but targeted) audience.

Affordability: Compared with producing television and radio commercials, taking out newspaper ads, and renting billboard space, search engine marketing is fairly low-cost. From Houston to San Francisco, social media marketing clients of our firm are saving money by simply focusing on their company websites – rather than throwing their money at traditional advertising, which is proven to be less effective in today’s Web-driven climate.

Efficiency: Using techniques like SEO, e-mail marketing, and social media, Los Angeles clients of our company are raking in profits that traditional advertising never brought them. Fortunately, it seems this is the case for business owners across the U.S., if the MerchantCircle survey is any indication.

As a Los Angeles/San Francisco social media service, this is obviously great news to us. But the real winners here are the business owners. Small and local business can benefit from social media marketing immediately, affordably, and with a minimal amount of effort.

2 Responses to “Survey: Online Marketing Embraced by Small Business Owners”

  1. I agree with the point that companies are taking benefit from Internet marketing, one of the main reason for this is Internet marketing target audience from all around the world and it helps in making your brand name all over the world. Due to it’s good ROI now a days many Outsourcing software development companies are opting for SEO services .

  2. I too agree with the advantage of internet marketing.
    Thanks for sharing.

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