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Tech Popularity Poll Provides Insight for Online Marketers

A new consumer survey may provide insight for those seeking guidance on campaigns ranging from search engine optimization, social media marketing and even mobile application development. The ABC News/Washington Post poll, conducted by Langer Research Associates, contacted 1,007 adults from March 28 through April 1 to gauge their opinions of mega tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here’s the numbers and the story that lies between them…

When released on April 5, the poll revealed that Google beat out Apple, Facebook, and Twitter to win the title of most popular tech brand in the United States. Results showed that 82 percent of Americans rated their opinions of Google as “favorable,” while 53 percent identified their opinions of Google as “strongly favorable.”

Poll results for Apple placed the computing pioneer at a close second, with 74 percent of respondents express a favorable opinion of the company overall and 37 percent expressing a strongly favorable opinion. Perhaps surprisingly, Facebook and Twitter took third and fourth place respectively, with 58 percent and 34 percent of those polled expressing favorable opinions of the top two social networks.

Not surprisingly, the poll also reveals that the popularity of these companies varies by demographic. One of the most interesting revelations is that people with household incomes of $100,000 or more seem to favor Google and Apple most (93 and 91 percent in this demographic, respectively).

Facebook is most popular with young adults, with 76 percent of young adult poll participants expressing a favorable opinion of it. Twitter statistics are even more interesting, as it is seen favorably by only 42 percent of young adults and unfavorably by nearly the same percentage (43 percent).

The takeaway from all of this? For business owners, it can provide hard data with which to formulate online marketing campaigns. The popularity of Google shows that it’s best to focus on search engine optimization first, and then Facebook/Twitter marketing second when working with your SEO or social media agency. This data can be a valuable tool for those who need insight into their online marketing efforts.

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