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Texas SEO Spammers Impersonate BBB In New Scam

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is the preeminent consumer resource for information on businesses, charities, and other organizations that seek public patronage. Like most business owners, you probably hope to receive favorable BBB ratings and consumer reviews. Unfortunately, our Texas SEO firm has recently learned about a widespread BBB phone scam, which originated in the Central Texas area. In short, phone scammers are impersonating BBB employees in hopes of obtaining your business information and spamming you with SEO service offers.

Because we value the privacy and well-being of our Dallas SEO clients, Crest Media wanted to be the first to tell you about this disturbing trend. The official warning comes by way of the BBB chapter serving Central, Coastal and Southwest Texas. They caution local businesses on speaking with callers who claim to represent the BBB.

As your Houston SEO provider, we urge you: Don’t engage with these callers, answer their questions, or provide any personal or business information! Even the most basic details can open the door to an onslaught of unwanted solicitations. Yes, our Austin SEO clients are smart (we should know!) – but even the most savvy consumer or business owner can easily fall prey to an unethical marketing ploy.

What will they say? Most likely, the caller will ask you to “update” your business information, including the mailing address. They may or may not tell you they are recording the conversation. Finally, they will insist on sending SEO marketing materials to your place of business. Whether or not they are a legitimate Texas SEO company, this is a dishonorable business practice that should not warrant your support. For your security, the best course of action is to hang up the phone – before they have the chance to obtain your information.

If you receive a suspicious call from someone claiming BBB affiliation, report the incident at (512) 445-2911, the BBB branch in Austin. SEO providers should never market their services in a way that violates your privacy.

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