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The New ROI: Assigning a Value to Each Customer Action

Customer-Centric ROIRecently, we told you that ROI needs to take a backseat to customer-driven value. Now, we’re going to take this idea one step further. After placing a value on each customer a marketing campaign drives, SEO companies can also place a value on each action a customer takes based on their encounter with the campaign. Many SMB owners and SEO novices may think this is too granular to work, but it does. Here is an explanation.

Conversion means different things to different businesses, so conversion rate optimization services should reflect whatever it means to the client in question. If a business owner has a goal to get more phone calls, that should be the most important type of conversion in the campaign. If his goal is to get the contact form filled out, or to get actual purchases, then those are the actions that the campaign’s conversion rate optimization services should be designed to provoke.

In fact, SEO companies can track and place value on every action a user may take, including these others:

  • Signing up for the e-mail newsletter
  • Requesting a catalog
  • Social media likes and follows
  • Social media shares and interactions
  • Using the search box
  • Using the store locator function

As a business owner, you can ask your search engine optimization provider to assign a concrete dollar value to any user action you would like. This allows you to measure the value of your marketing campaign from a variety of angles, as opposed to the very narrow, stifling angle of “traditional” ROI that only assigns a dollar value to purchase-based conversions.

The SEO company will thank you, because it will allow them more freedom and creativity in their conversion rate optimization services, and you will love it because it will help you get more customers in the long run. For more information on a customer-driven marketing campaign with services designed to help you increase conversion rates, contact the San Diego SEO professionals at Crest Media for a free phone consultation.

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