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Ventura Web Design Co. Asks: How Professional is Your Website Design?

Does your website’s design communicate professionalism with every click? In many cases, small business owners are unsure. Consider the following factors when evaluating the professionalism of your website:

Navigation: Having a website that gets people lost is no longer considered a status symbol. Users are more tech-savvy than ever, but they’re more impatient than ever too. No one wants to click more than three buttons to get to the page they’re looking for (really, two is the standard), so every destination on your website should be no more than two clicks away.

Graphics: If your graphics were designed by an amateur, chances are your website visitors notice this. Plus, many businesses keep the same graphics on their sites for several years; today, this is a big no-no. Looking like you haven’t changed or kept up with the times is a turn off for users, so update your graphics every two years (in fact, it’s a good idea to do a total website facelift about that often).

Content: If you’re involved in a highly specialized industry, then people expect you to communicate your message clearly. It may not be fair, but it comes with the territory of marketing your business. Hiring a content writer or a web development firm that offers content writing is the best way to be certain your content is clear, concise and free from distracting grammatical errors.

Crest Media is a Ventura web design company that can help you evaluate your website’s professionalism and improve upon it if necessary. We know how to design sites that are easily navigable, add graphics that are attractive and eye-catching, and write content that is engaging and effective. To see our impressive portfolio, obtain a quote for your web design project or ask specific web design questions, contact Crest Media today.

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