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Video Marketing: Not Always Trendy, but Always a Smart Investment

DIY vs. Auto Generated ContentDigital marketers, i.e. brands and the firms they hire to help them increase conversion rates, are inundated with content about which trends they should be following. But one recent survey of digital marketers revealed that not everyone is on board with what’s trendy, and it happens to be working for them.

Specifically, the eMarketer poll showed that video marketing (universally regarded as important, but not necessarily trendy) has moved further up the priority lists of brands. To illustrate, here are some figures from the survey that our Los Angeles video production team found interesting.

First, a remarkable 70% of those polled by eMarketer actually said they are now using branded video content on their owned media properties (i.e. their own sites and YouTube channels). But this actually came at a close second to in-stream advertising (such as video ads that run before non-branded YouTube content), a practice that 90% of survey respondents claimed to invest in.

Next, we learned that native advertising, which actually is a very trendy practice, also overlaps with video; that is because advertorial-style “news” videos, which may appear in the news stream on a home page or a media outlet site, make up 44% of video marketing efforts. Finally, an impressive 41% of survey respondents said they continue to invest in video banners, which are video ads that run on the side of a user’s home page or a media outlet site. These were thought to be on their way out by some, but clearly that is not the case.

Numbers don’t lie; video marketing may not be the digital marketing trend of the week, but smart brands know that their strategies should not always be dictated by trends. With video ads heading in a more interactive direction, it seems likely that video will only continue to get more popular – and, dare we say, trendy!

At Crest Media, our Los Angeles videography team helps brands create videos that reach and engage their targeted audiences. After producing their videos and distributing them on multiple platforms, including owned media properties and paid channels, we help clients track the impact their videos have on consumers and analyze the effectiveness of videos throughout their campaigns. To discuss video marketing opportunities with our Los Angeles video production staff, contact Crest Media for a free phone consultation.

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