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Web 2.0 Marketing - Today’s Imperative

Web 2.0 MarketingIn the 21st century, marketing managers need to deploy proper Web 2.0 marketing strategies and techniques as integral components for achieving their long-term goals and objectives. Traditional marketing plans, which have long dominated the world of branding and promotion, fail to produce the desired results in today’s competitive industrial space.

Web 2.0 marketing paradigms are a disruptive force that has changed the way branding is delivered and received. The growing proliferation of social media, fueled by it, marks a dramatic shift in marketing. The greatest benefit is that everyone can participate; from product managers to end consumers. This new brand of marketing and promotion energizes and adds power to your message.

Web 2.0 Marketing: Ways to Market your Core Competency

Social Media: Nothing works better than social media in promoting your products and services to the rest of the community. You can reach out to millions of users with well-placed and well-written tag lines about your product. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, Digg, etc. are some well-known social media channels.

Create a marketing plan: Marketing with Web 2.0 can devise a roadmap for effective branding of your core competencies. It is useful to step back and think strategically about where and how you’re going to commit your marketing resources online. Open your mind to radical concepts that fit with the versatility of social media.

Join the conversation: Social media is a two-way street. There is a multitude of ways to join the social media bandwagon. You can add social tools and services such as Weblogs, wikis, tagging, video blogs, etc, to your website. Enable comments on blogs and allow users to contribute to wikis.

Learn as you go: Embrace change, learn the ropes of new engagement and learn as you go. Evaluating social media marketing is different than just counting website usage or circulation numbers is only half the battle won. You must measure how well your products and services are engaging your prospects and customers via social media. And you should also measure both the amount and the intensity of the engagement.

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