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What Fresno Social Media Clients can Learn from Teens

Fresno Social Media Experts Take Note of Teen Trends in Online Video MediaRecently, ReelSEO scored an interview with popular 19-year-old blogger and Huffington Post writer Chloe Spencer to address the online video habits of teenagers. As a speaker on the panel “Teen Entrepreneurs Give the Inside Scoop on Social Media” at the recent Social Media Optimization Conference in San Francisco, Chloe dished out advice about keeping teens safe by practicing responsible YouTube habits. If you run a business that can benefit from LA, San Francisco or Fresno SEO or social media campaigns, you may want to hear what she has to say.

So, why is there an online generation gap? To start, Chloe believes it’s because today’s teenagers are the first online video generation. “Teenagers today see online video as a normal every-day type of activity, as they have grown up during the age of technology,” she said.

Of course, the teen blogger believes her peers share more videos than the older generation – and she’s right. “Teenagers consume these videos as they would gossip and TV shows and magazines – whatever video makes an impression on them, they share. They share it by word of mouth, through Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, instant messengers, cell phones; I do consider teenagers to truly be “the generation of technology.”

And concurrently, creating videos comes as naturally to teens as creating an essay in school. The average teen is a social media agency without ever knowing it. “Teenagers are not only creative; they are very impressionable. They express their findings in life both verbally and visually, through all means of technology. Compared to older generations like their parents’, navigating the web and generating online videos and fads that spread like wildfire comes as easily as riding a bike.”

What can your business do with this information? If your product or service is at all appealing to teens, you can post videos online to attract their attention. Hiring a Fresno social media or SEO firm to help you do this is easy and affordable. You can also comment on others’ social videos if they at all pertain to your product or service. These are easy, affordable steps to take that if applied over time, can help your search engine rankings.

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