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Where Is The ‘Social’ Love? [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s a lot of “liking” & “sharing” in social media, but sometimes you just gotta ask, where is the love? A loaded & sorta silly question, yes, but at the heart of it, lies 2 real questions: how does your website make visitors into social brand evangelists and where on the site works best to compel those visitors to engage your brand on the social platforms of their choosing?

As it turns out, social user cues within a website such as buttons or widgets for sharing, liking, following, etc. seem to vary a lot from brand to brand and industry to industry, but a few things do seem to be consistent among the more successful brands doing social media right: platforms of choice & frequency of engagement opportunities throughout a single web page and the site as a whole.

Below, is an infographic we created showing common usage of social buttons throughout a web page, along with some reasons why to consider social deeper integration on your site, if you’re not already doing so. The more connected social media & SEO become, the more important it will be to make sure your website is more “social-friendly”, not just SEO-friendly.

If you have other ideas on how integrating social media into a website can work wonders for marketing and customer engagement, or if you’ve encountered an issue with this you can’t seem to resolve with your own site, share in the comments section, below.

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