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SEO Shopping Cart

Web Marketing & E-commerce: Background Websites with many items for sale are often called database-driven websites because these sites have a hidden database of all the available products. These are typically managed using shopping carts: you see some product you like and it is added to your shopping cart for later purchase. One problem facing [...]

Searching for a Web Design Company in Los Angeles

Orange County Web Design, Los Angeles Web Design & San Diego Website Designers

Search Engine Friendly Web Design

Search Engine “Rank” “Location, location, location.” You might think this mantra applies only to conventional sales like real estate, tourist goods or general retail. However, location is just as—if not more—important in e-commerce to get your product or service sold. Web Marketing and e-commerce research has shown that the earlier your site appears in search [...]

PPC & SEO: Should I do both?

Search Engine Optimization: Los Angeles SEO & Development Marketing SEO

Internet Advertising & Marketing 2.0

Web Marketing E-commerce: The good old days of Web Development Marketing The old days and ways of internet advertising marketing are now gone and obsolete, respectively. You used to be able to just post a website and watch your traffic and revenue grow. No longer. When search-engine friendly web design became the paramount factor in [...]