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San Francisco SEO Conference: What We Learned for You!

What can’t you do with SEO? For all types of enterprisers - from bloggers to business owners to basket weavers - the possibilities are endless. While the landscape is always changing, SEO experts have the monopoly on nailing down the most effective trends; and who better for you to glean info from than us?

Do You Really Need FAQ’s?

The FAQ page: Many of our San Francisco web design clients love them, while others prefer to leave off the frequently asked questions…

Social Media for PR?

Do you use social media sites in your PR campaigns? Our San Diego web design company highly recommends it. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter aren’t just notorious time drainers for bored office workers; they’re powerful, effective promotional tools for business owners like you.

What Does the Future of SEO Hold?

At our San Diego SEO company, clients frequently ask us what the future of search engine marketing holds. After all, they’re a savvy bunch and many of them like to stay on top of the latest trends. Plus, as an end of the year post, we felt this would be a good topic to address, [...]

Favorite New Fonts for Your Web Design

At our Orange County web design company, we don’t mind breaking the mold from time to time - and the fonts we implement into our clients’ websites are no exception…

Los Angeles Website Design - and Social Media?

It’s an odd marriage, isn’t it? But because our entire team rallies around each client, everyone at Crest Media - from our SEO division to our Los Angeles website design professionals - cares about your company’s social media efforts. With that in mind, we wanted to share some pointers on formulating a social media plan [...]

Orange County SEO Firm Decodes Good SEO Practices

Our Orange County SEO company stays away from the unsavory practices of the trend known as “Bad SEO” (a term coined by several experts, including ZDNet’s SEO Whistleblower), opting for widely-approved “Good SEO” practices.

Logo Questions? Our San Diego Website Design Team Chimes In

We field a variety of questions from our clients - however, it seems queries are especially plentiful regarding website design and its effect on branding. One topic that frequently surfaces in these discussions is the company logo.

Website Design Los Angeles: Crest Media Revives Ailing Sites

Chances are, at one time or another you’ve visited a favorite website and were surprised to find a new, unfamiliar design. Maybe you loved it, maybe you didn’t…and maybe, it grew on you with time. As a business owner, you may find your site in need of a change somewhere down the road. But how do you know when it’s time to change it?

Los Angeles Web Design Firm Touts Google Instant Previews!

Google Instant, which reveals search results as a user types into the search box, has been met with mixed reviews – but fortunately, the world’s most popular search engine still had a few more tricks up its sleeve. Google Instant Previews, which debuted around relatively the same time, is one feature our Los Angeles web design company absolutely loves.

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