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Social Media Agency Fees are a Big Payoff for Small Business

Do you use social media for marketing? One recent survey indicated that the majority of small business owners (70%, to be exact) do. Experts say that over the past year, there has been a 50% increase in the number of small businesses that utilize social media; and in fact, more than half of these same businesses claimed a shockingly low marketing budget of $2,500 dollars annually, or less.

Google’s +1: Social Media Goes ‘Google-Big’

For the search marketing aficionados anxiously awaiting the launch of another Google Social Media tool, wait no longer because “+1″ is finally here!

In Los Angeles, Social Media and SEO are Becoming Interchangeable

Social media and search marketing – today, the two are seemingly becoming more interchangeable all the time. If you follow internet marketing or web development, you’ve probably already heard some Los Angeles social media experts go so far as to say that “social media marketing is the new search marketing.”

Social Media Agency Workshops: How Much are they Worth?

It’s not just LA and San Francisco social media authorities who are encouraging businesses to get on the bandwagon; at least one East Coast social media agency has figured out that local business owners need to brush up on their social media skills in order to compete in the battle for brand awareness, and is [...]

Austin Web Design Team Asks: Should You Develop a Mobile App?

Is there any national brand that doesn’t have a mobile app these days? Hardly; that’s because mobile web development is a technology whose time has come. In fact, one article that addresses developing a mobile app says that today, more people are communicating via text message than e-mail. Who would’ve seen that coming a decade ago?

Dallas SEO Firm Gets Retailers In Trouble With Google

As it turns out, national retailer JC Penney was in trouble with Google last month, after it hired a Dallas SEO firm that engaged in some underhanded tactics to propel the department store’s pages to the top of Google search results for several shopping-related keywords.

Los Angeles Social Media and Search: Working Hand in Hand

If it seems like social media and search are all anyone is talking about in marketing discussions – well, it’s because they are! A February report from digital marketing intelligence source comScore indicates that consumers are using social media and search in conjunction with one another more than ever before.

Survey: Online Marketing Embraced by Small Business Owners

It looks like our LA/San Francisco social media team is doing something right; the largest online network of local business owners in the U.S., MerchantCircle, conducted a survey that says so. What did they find? That 70% of their 8,500 small/local business owner members claim to have embraced online marketing.

Facebook, Los Angeles Social Media and You, the Business Owner

“The Social Network” may have failed to win the Academy Award; but years after surpassing its predecessor MySpace and five years after the creation of hyper-popular Twitter, it’s clear that Facebook really won the social networking war.