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Los Angeles Social Media Writer Confirms What We Know

Web-savvy business owners can spend so much time on conversion efforts, that it nearly becomes a second job. However, there are simpler ways to engage potential customers than ever before in the form of social media. Using the most effective social media tools, companies can get customer and prospect feedback in a relatively short amount of time – and, with minimal effort.

Did Google Just Get More Picky…or More Stupid?

Recent Google algorithm updates beg the question: Do ‘lesser’ search query variables now matter more and why? Its no secret in the SEO field that Google’s recent algorithm changes have dramatically affected many facets of the search industry…

Los Angeles Social Media and Google’s New Social Media Efforts

Presumably as a reinvigoration attempt, re-appointed Google CEO Larry Page recently implemented a number of changes at the company – the most notable of which may be to elevate the importance of Google’s success in the “social sphere.” So, for those who thought that Google’s social media strategies were solid, this is perhaps a wake-up call.

Search Engine Optimization Affected by Google Algorithm Change?

It’s hard to believe that the latest Google algorithm change (colloquially referred to as “Google Farmer” or “Google Panda”) has been implemented for nearly two months now. The reason behind the move, to identify low-quality pages and sites, made sense; after all, how often have you searched for a topic you’re doing serious research on, only to find an assortment of flimsy “content farm” (user-generated) sites on the first page of results?

The California Web Design Debate: What’s More Important?

The Parallels Control Panels Summit 2011 was over one month ago, but people are still talking about Parallels senior product marketing manager Jon McCarrick’s “Targeting Web Designers” presentation. In the talk, he addressed with the Florida and California web design professionals in attendance the unique issues and needs of the Web design community – specifically, [...]

Los Angeles SEO Consultants Note Books Are A New Search Tactic

It seems so obvious. In fact, it will have many business owners smacking themselves over the head: If you want to get found on Google, try writing a book. In the digital age, this advise sounds blatantly out of left field but in all honesty, the benefits can work for businesses and business owners on multiple levels, as authorship equals authoritative expertise!