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Social Media Embraced By Politicians On Both Sides Of The Aisle

To say that social media has exploded is an understatement – and for some people, it’s bordering on old news. Most are aware that politicians have been on the bandwagon for some time now, with Twitter and Facebook accounts that are scrutinized on an almost daily basis (for some lucky public servants, anyway). This is the case on both sides of the aisle, as Republicans and Democrats alike are utilizing social media as a tool for communicating their messages and keeping tabs on public opinion.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Chances are, you’re aware that SEO is the process of choosing targeted keywords to help a website attain good search engine rankings. However, it’s also likely that you need a trusted source to apply effective SEO techniques to your website. After all, what business owner has the time to:

San Francisco Social Media Pioneers Buy Social Media Analytics Firm

YouTube is almost synonymous with social media on some levels, and now its founders have purchased a company that makes software to help businesses keep tabs on what’s being said about them – on two other defining names in social media, Facebook and Twitter.

Website Design and Development

Where maintaining a strong Web presence is concerned, having the website is just the beginning. From there, an effective online presence requires a custom website – one that conveys professionalism to your clients and prospects. When your website is well-designed and easy to navigate, its visitors will be impressed – and the profitable benefits will [...]

San Diego Web Design Students Raise Money for Japan Relief

Taking their interest in Japanese culture and causes to the next level, graphical and web design students from Rolondo’s San Diego Platt College held a fundraiser to benefit disaster relief victims in the aftermath of the recent earthquake.

Dallas SEO Expert Explains Website Architecture

How important is a website’s architecture, in terms of search engine friendliness? Very, according to some experts. One SEO case study compares designing an e-commerce website to drawing a road map of a metropolitan region: “The biggest roads need to radiate from and connect to the most valuable pages on the site, except that the roads carry link popularity and human visitors, rather than cars,” a Dallas SEO expert said of the study.