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Blogworld 2011 Social Media Expo is Coming to Los Angeles!

It’s been about a month since Blogworld 2011 took place in New York, with speakers including Wine Library’s Gary Vaynerchuk, author and former Kodak exec Jeffrey Hayzlett, novelist H.P. Mallory, Allen & Gerritsen SVP Mike Schneider, Chris Brogan, Chris Pirillo and many others. Attendees benefited from sessions that addressed such topics as:

Pitney Bowes’ Study Shows What Companies Love About Social Media

Postage meter giant Pitney Bowes recently surveyed 500 small to medium sized businesses on their marketing efforts. The study revealed that over two-thirds (68%) of marketers rely on e-mail for most of their marketing, and 60% rely on more traditional advertising channels.

Social Media Agency Use Can Cut Business Costs

Everyone knows that the state of the economy has been felt far and wide over the past couple of years, as owners of businesses big and small look for ways to save precious capital and profits. One report by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), based on the responses of nearly 900 small business [...]

San Francisco Social Media Study’s Surprising Conclusion

While the Internet has been hailed as a “digital democracy,” a new study says the Internet is actually dominated by the opinions of rich, powerful people.

Los Angeles SEO Tips for Video Production

If your business isn’t taking advantage of online video marketing, it’s seriously missing the boat. Even small businesses are learning that online video is a valuable marketing tool in today’s small competitive environment.

Our Los Angeles Web Design Firm’s Tips for Finding a Web Host

These days, it is no longer optional to have a website; but if you’re reading this, you already knew that to be true. However, you may be switching web hosts or web design providers; or, perhaps launching your site for the first time. In any case, when it’s time to find a web host and/or web designer, choose a professional who offers…

Social Media Agency Tips for Likeability

By now, most people know that “like” doesn’t mean what it used to. Today, “liking” something means clicking the “like” button on a Facebook page. People can like the status updates or comments of other Facebook users; and, they can like the Facebook page of an organization or business.

Crest Media Announces Major Website Design Updates!

LOS ANGELES - A leading Southern California Web Development & Internet Marketing firm updates design & infrastructure of their website, offering new features, services pages and so much more!

California Web Design Companies Left Out of Webby Awards?

Say it isn’t so! The 15th annual Webby Awards (yes, it’s been around that long), have come and gone, and we’re still scratching our heads at the list of nominees for the Professional Services category. Not because the nominees weren’t deserving (trust us, they were). Rather, we’re perplexed because it appears that every one of [...]

SEO Practices in Austin: The Debate Wages On

We’ve already told you about the JC Penney black hat SEO debacle that involved an unscrupulous Austin SEO company. But now, one Forbes blogger is actually defending black hat SEO practices – leaving many in the Web development community to question just what is going on in the field. An excerpt from the article reads: