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California SEO, PR and General Conduct Lessons for Today’s Tech Startups

If you’re an early tech startup, you’re at an advantage and a disadvantage. The pro: You can avoid the mistakes that the previous generation of techies fell into. The con: You may not know any better. To help separate the dos from the don’ts, Mark Suster from GRP Partners outlines some good startup lessons on [...]

San Jose Web Design Clients: Alive Chat Expands to Your City

You love chat technology; and now, the fastest growing Live Chat software company in the US responds to the demand for ultimate Live Chat solution known as Alive Chat with the opening of a west coast office in San Jose. The Live Chat company headquarters will still be in Houston, Texas with a satellite office [...]

Social Media Optimization: The #1 Reason Not to Abandon Google Plus

The old joke among SEO and Social Media agencies, that Google is socially awkward (much like its competitor and Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg) has been revived as of late, with mixed reaction to Google+ (aka Google Plus). Whether people will actually use the new social network remains to be seen, but the #1 name in [...]

Fresno Web Design Professionals Take Home Big Awards

Who says geeks don’t have any fun? Last month, the 59 Days of Code competition rocked the California Central Valley with an assortment of categories for high tech contestants. Tech startups and GuideKit were the big winners, taking home $5,000 and $10,000, respectively.

California SEO Experts Still Wrapping Their Heads Around Google Sparks

The recent launch of Google’s own social networking site, Google+, has many SEO professionals asking what they are supposed to do in order to rank well within Google Sparks?

California Web Design Advice on Making an Impact

Impact: In the end, it’s really what determines whether a website visitor converts into a paying customer. If you’re new to creating a site that markets a product or service, following these basic tips can help you make the right kind of impact:

Social Media Roundup: Big Announcements From Facebook and Google!

Anyone in the Internet Marketing world has likely been engulfed in recent news regarding Facebook & Google’s Social Media developments. We’ve certainly been taking notes on all the buzz surrounding both firms & now that we’ve had a chance to digest both the official and unofficial stories about each, we’re ready to report on what’s [...]