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Los Angeles Social Media Landscape Populated with Celebs

Gone are the days when keeping up with what your favorite celebrity was doing meant hanging around hotel lobbies, driving slowly through Hollywood neighborhoods and earning yourself a restraining order. Now, all fans need to do is check follow the person on Twitter and look for them in the news feed whenever the mood strikes.

Las Vegas Social Media Conference: Digital World Expo this Week!

There’s no denying print media has spent the last several years taking it on the chin. However, titans of print may enjoy a second life in the form of digital media. Some already are, and many more have jumped on the bandwagon by beefing up Web content, adding social media components and turning their websites [...]

Orange County Social Media Firm Exclusively for Auto Dealers

In years past, car dealerships hung balloons and inflatable animals outside their businesses to entice potential buyers. Today, they post Facebook status updates to fill locals in on slashed prices and other incentives be had. Believe it or not, more dealerships are getting in on the action; in fact, one firm aims to capitalize on [...]

Survey: Social Media Marketing Trumps Traditional Advertising

According to yet another survey, social media marketing is still the top pick of marketing methods with small and local businesses across America.

Crest Media to Attend 2011 Google Agency Summit

Our Southern California SEO company is excited to announce its presence at the 2011 Google Agency Summit, to be held at the infamous Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California on Wednesday, September 28th. This day-long event is a venue at which our Los Angeles social media, PPC and search marketing firm is proud to make [...]

Los Angeles Social Media Users: Proceed with Caution

The rise of social media brings along with it a number of pros and cons; one of the latter is the potential for the widespread broadcasting one’s criminal intent, or other information that could lead to negative consequences, in a matter of minutes. News reports of teens using social networking sites for the recruiting and [...]

Las Vegas Social Media Newcomer Epitomizes Trend

Local journalist-turned Las Vegas social media guru Richard Velotta is excited about Twitter. “Twitter is a great place to tell followers when I hear about breaking tourism news, including things I hear from industry sources and actions that occur at the various public meetings I cover, including the state Gaming Control Board, the Nevada Gaming [...]

Los Angeles Social Media Authority Questions Facebook Obituaries

Huffington Post contributor and Los Angeles social media guru Julie Spira recently took on a sensitive subject – “social media obituaries” – and how someone who passes away can (or should) be remembered on sites like Facebook.

Fresno Social Media Celebrity has Pointers for Those New to Twitter

In 2011, the un-famous can still exert the power of celebrity in the digital world – especially on Twitter. As a business owner, you can benefit from knowing these “Twitter elite” virtually. You can also benefit from the wisdom of their social media experience. Here’s Imad Naffa, owner of NAFFA International, Inc., a civil engineer [...]

Arizona Pay Per Click Services…with an Odd Twist

Now this is entrepreneurship! The story of 21 year-old Arizona State University student Tyler Ross is inspiring for Internet enterprisers. The young man has become an Arizona pay per click (PPC) expert, by creating his own online advertising business to raise money for school tuition. Sounds like every other young entrepreneur these days? There’s more [...]