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SEO is Not Spam, Says Google’s Matt Cutts

Spam is term with a pretty broad definition these days, but at least we can rule out one component from its meaning: SEO. Google recently “made it official” that SEO is not spam, with Web spam department head Matt Cutts addressing the issue once and for all in a video circulating throughout industry blogs.

Walmart’s Local Facebook Push: Our Los Angeles Social Media Firm Weighs In

Walmart is the leader in American retail, but they still need to reach social media consumers, and do so in a way that localizes their brand. What’s the solution? Launch a slew of local Walmart store Facebook pages – 3,600 of them, to be exact.

More Social Media Agency Notes from Google Agency Summit

It’s been two weeks since Crest Media attended the 2011 Google Agency Summit, but our ears are still ringing from this massive information onslaught! Google experts gave us lots of great insights on new and improved best practices for the online marketing industry; plus, they explained some key changes to the field overall. Here are [...]

Important Google Analytics Update!

Today, Google announced that they will be disabling search query data in Google Analytics, for searches performed by users who are signed into a Google account. In this announcement, Google also stated that SSL search (searches conducted at the URL will be the default searching environmnent for signed in users.

Los Angeles Social Media Agency Notes from Google Agency Summit

Crest Media was recently afforded the opportunity to attend a day-long teaching and training session at the 2011 Google Agency Summit, held at the famed Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California. The day was filled with presentations, infographs, ideas and insights for Internet advertisers like ourselves, courtesy of the world’s most popular search engine. As [...]

Los Angeles Social Media: LA Times Intern Explores Threats to Texting Industry

The news of Steve Jobs’ death has hit harder than anyone could have imagined – not just throughout the tech industry, but with the public at large. Ironically, the new Apple service iMessage that was introduced this fall failed to receive much buzz – even at a time when rumors of an iPhone 5 had [...]

Los Angeles SEO Firm Analyzes the Crowdsourcing Phenomenon

Once upon a time, asking a group of people for help was just asking a group of people for help. Now, it has a name: crowdsourcing. It may seem unnecessary to put a label on it, but when one considers that everything from crime investigation to news reporting is performed by people who aren’t professionally [...]

Los Angeles Social Media Firm Coins New Term

As a Los Angeles SEO and social media optimization company, we know that search and social are not mutually exclusive. They can and should be fused together as often as possible. Google obviously knows this (if they didn’t, there would be no Google Plus). This is a phenomenon that deserves a name; over at our [...]

Arizona Social Media users at ASU Connect with Campus Police

With the vast majority of college students engaged in social media, it makes sense that university police departments would use Facebook as a tool for keeping tabs on campus crime and discussing safety concerns with college students. That’s the case in Tempe, where Arizona social media users can connect to the campus police department at [...]