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Does Your San Diego SEO Firm Provide Monthly Campaign Reports?

If your SEO firm is Crest Media, then the answer is yes. If not…

The Marketing Catchphrase of 2011: Relayed by Facebook COO to Phoenix Web Design & Ad Pros

In October, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg told the crowd at the Association of National Advertisers convention in Phoenix to do something many of us struggle to resist doing anyway: to make Facebook a part of everything they do.

YouTube Redesign to Provoke Shift for Social Media Marketing through Video Production

The latest social media platform to launch a redesign? YouTube, of course. The online mecca for video production enthusiasts launched a complete redesign on December 1, with emphasis on social networking integration and using the power of algorithms to figure out what videos you’ll like. What’s included in the YouTube redesign?

Social Media Agency Weighs in on Twitter Updates

As a bustling Los Angeles social media agency, we couldn’t help but weigh in on the recent Twitter redesign. First though, let’s re-cap the story of the Twitter update & the responses from the social media community to the recent change.

What Has Your Los Angeles Social Media Agency Done For You Lately?

Like many business owners, you are likely new to the world of engaging in social media. And, like some, you may have even hired a social media agency to handle those tasks for you (after all, what busy enterpriser has the time to post constant Facebook and Twitter updates, not to mention accumulate friends and [...]

Adobe Systems Finding Success with the Affordable Creative Suite 5.5

This past spring, San Jose web design software giant Adobe Systems introduced an update to Creative Suite software that would allow users to pay for the product as they go. It was clear that the effort sought to boost sales to graphic and web designers on tight budgets.

Social Media Agency Efforts Help McDonald’s, KFC and Others with ROI

One of the industries most positively impacted by the social media marketing boom has been the restaurant business. Among some of the most popular topics discussed on social media sites, users love to share where they’re dining, what they’re eating and with whom. Now, restaurant executives are analyzing the impact of social media on their [...]

How Organizations Can Avoid New User Social Media Messes

If your business doesn’t have a social media policy or a social media agency to put one in place for you, it could end up with a mess on its hands. For that reason, mid-to-large companies especially need clear social media procedures. Marketing professionals, like Alana Mauger of Montgomery Community College in Pennsylvania, often find [...]

Orange County SEO Clients: Does Your Firm Optimize Your Site for Conversions?

Or are they simply maintaining it? If it’s the latter, you may wish to seek out other options. Your SEO company should commit to optimizing your website for conversions (the process of turning website visitors into paying customers). That’s really the goal of SEO, so if your SEO provider isn’t delivering; well, it may be [...]