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Social Media Marketing Big Wigs are Bigger than Ever – Can You Compete?

For those who aim to be big hitters on social media, this may be something of a wakeup call. Today, being a social media big wig means more than having a few thousand Facebook friends.

Ventura Web Design Co. Asks: How Professional is Your Website Design?

Does your website’s design communicate professionalism with every click? In many cases, small business owners are unsure. Consider the following factors when evaluating the professionalism of your website:

SEO Strategies for 2012: Crest Media’s New Year’s Playbook

If there’s one thing our Los Angeles SEO firm has noticed, it’s that search engine optimization has grown up – a lot. Of course, that’s not to say that bad SEO is eradicated from the landscape, but thanks to efforts like Google Panda and the learning curve of the web population, SEO in 2012 looks [...]

Social Media Agency Clients Tapping into Foreign Social Media Marketing

About a month ago, we learned that Twitter was in the process of partnering with Japanese social network Mixi to beat out Facebook in Japan. It may work, it may not, but it raises questions regarding what companies – even small businesses, in some cases – can do to use social media for competing internationally.

SEO Companies are the Winner in Small Business Survey

If small businesses had to choose only one marketing channel to use, which one would it be? According to a poll taken by a respected marketing analysis and lead generation company, it would be search engine optimization.

Does Your Website Need a Facelift? The Answer is YES!

So, when was the last time you re-designed your website? Admit it: It’s been awhile. For businesses that took a little longer to construct a web presence, that’s understandable; after all, you’re here, aren’t you? But if it’s been two years (which equals about a decade in “web years”) or more since your website received [...]

Deleting Blog Comments? Proceed with Caution

Bloggers are often tempted to automatically delete every unfavorable comment that comes their way, but there are some reasons to embrace mean comments on your blog. As an experienced Los Angeles social media agency that manages blogs for small business owners, we present the following reasons to accept and keep mean blog comments:

Los Angeles SEO Clients Will Benefit from New Google Effort

In December, Google announced that it was targeting copied sites and domain name parking services as part of its ongoing effort to clear out low quality content across the web. Although this may seem like an endless task, Google announced yet another change to its algorithm in order to carry out the mission more effectively.

Los Angeles Web Design Firm Reviews The 5 Most Important Web Dev Tools of 2011

As a new year commences, we wanted to re-cap some of the most popular web development tools of 2011. Now, these products did not necessarily all debut over the past year; however, 2011 happened to be the year they made their mark on the website design industry: