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Mobile Website Design: Top 3 Tips

There’s no denying it: The web has gone mobile and it’s not going back. People still access the web from their home and office computers, of course, but mobile web use has multiplied exponentially and become a choice method when it comes to finding local businesses. For business owners, that means a mobile web marketing [...]

Top 5 Web Design Mistakes Explained by our Dallas Web Design Team

Small business owners trust their web designers to provide them with sites that will be user-friendly, search engine optimized and primed for conversion. Unfortunately, some web designers can reduce the chances that a website will be a success, by making any of these five mistakes:

How California Web Design Companies Can Mess up Your Website

Did your web design company muddy up your web content so much that it’s totally off the radar of the search engines? Here’s one good way to tell: If they post content that appears differently for human readers than it does for search engine crawlers. When they do this, your site receives poorer treatment from [...]

SEO Cost: What Makes SEO Fees Different?

As an established Los Angeles SEO company, we are familiar with inquiries over the cost of SEO services. But the truth is, the cost of SEO depends on many things. It’s a little like buying a hamburger; if you’re happy with a thin patty, a couple of pickles and a little ketchup, then the golden [...]

3 Easy Ways To Make The Most Of Your Facebook Ads

Our Los Angeles social media firm is often asked about Facebook marketing. Since we’re a social media agency that helps businesses make the most of Facebook, we found some suggestions recently posted by SEO Optimise to be useful. A few of our favorites are summarized here:

Does Facebook IPO Windfall Equal A Boost To California’s Economy?

Has anyone wondered – as our California SEO company has – just how wealthy a number of Facebook employees are about to become? The company has reportedly offered generous pre-IPO stock options to as many as 1,000 of its employees. Suffice it to say that they stand to make a substantial amount of money when [...]

Stock Trends in the Facebook IPO Age: Social Media Agency Observations

The Facebook IPO is all anyone is talking about these days, which means that any company loosely associated with the social networking giant stands to see its stock rising in the near future – at least if this week’s performance was any indication.

Recent Changes To Google Privacy Policy, Algorithms and Google Plus

Google has enacted a number of changes in recent weeks, including alterations to its algorithms, a much-publicized streamlining of its privacy policy and a new development for Google Plus. Some information and insights from our Los Angeles SEO firm regarding these changes: