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Staying “in Scope” with your Website Design Provider

What are the three most dreaded words in web development? “Out of scope.” What does it mean, and why should you (if you’re a client of a website design firm) be annoyed by this term? In a nutshell:

Search Engine Optimization tips for Ecommerce Website Success

Search engine optimization stands in the gap between a flourishing ecommerce business and dismal ecommerce failure. Making sure your entire website, including your home page and product pages, are optimized for search engines is vital if you want to succeed at the ecommerce game.

Social Media Marketing for Event Planners

Is there anything that social media hasn’t changed? Event marketing is just one of hundreds of professional tasks that have been changed by social media. In order to stand out at trade shows and major industry conferences, brands and marketers must go to great lengths on social media sites if they want to get noticed. [...]

Website Design, App Design Both Culprits of Excess Energy Consumption

Better energy efficiency should be a goal of nearly every industry, and information technology (IT) is no exception. There have been many green IT projects circulating throughout the IT community in recent years, but most of them involve disposing of inefficient hardware or infrastructure design – things that the companies would likely do anyways. But [...]

Tech Popularity Poll Provides Insight for Online Marketers

A new consumer survey may provide insight for those seeking guidance on campaigns ranging from search engine optimization, social media marketing and even mobile application development. The ABC News/Washington Post poll, conducted by Langer Research Associates, contacted 1,007 adults from March 28 through April 1 to gauge their opinions of mega tech companies like Google, [...]

Social Media Agency Reaction to Facebook’s Purchase of Instagram

This week’s announcement that Facebook purchased the popular photo-sharing app Instagram for an astounding $1 billion has drawn mixed reactions from the social media sphere. First, though, some quick facts about the Facebook/Instagram merger:

Why Customizable Internet Marketing/SEO? Social Media Agency Answers

Why do companies need a web marketing firm that offers customizable services? Does every business need the exact same services all of the time? Of course not. And therein lies the answer.

Linking Web Design and Internet Marketing Success to Human Behavior

Everyone knows that the key to good marketing is understanding human behavior – but do those of us who market products and services actually put that theory into practice? Take note of the following examples of human behavior that makes for good marketing: