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Should Small Businesses be on Google+?

Google+ just turned one, but its reputation already comes close to that of other social media channels that died a painful death. Google denies this, with claims that Google+ has 75 million daily active users. Regardless, there’s a mutual attitude of “we’re just not that into it” among many social media users, many of whom [...]

B2B SEO Essential Concepts

If you are a B2B business looking to know your own SEO campaign better or, perform B2B SEO for other organizations, then you need to understand some essential concepts regarding strategic inbound marketing initiatives. In so doing, you can better perform and market your services for those companies or too other companies.

Less SEO, More App Development for Mobile Web Marketing

It’s hard to believe, but one study points out that while mobile search growth is still skyrocketing, search is not the primary activity of mobile users (like it is on desktops). One study shows that right now, apps and direct viewing of websites both trump search on mobile devices.

3 Ways to Grow a Customer Base with Social Media Marketing

So, your startup has finally launched; now it’s time to grow your customer base. Chances are, you want national customers but can’t afford a PR staff and aren’t well equipped to start attracting major media attention just yet. If those things are the case, then social media marketing is your best hope for establishing a [...]

The Emanuel Update and Your SEO

There’s big news for the SEO community very recently with the so-called Emanuel update in Google’s algorithm, also being referred to as the “Pirate” update”. This update is gaining much attention among webmasters and SEOs and for very good reason: its one of the first highly-publicized update of its kind in recent history. Now, you [...]

101 Ways to Build Links: The 10 Best

Did you know that there are at least 101 ways to build links? We did! Because a sometimes overlooked SEO metric is backlink diversity, now is the time to study up on the popular and not so popular techniques that actually improve search engine ranking, in the age of Pandas, Penguins. Search Engine Journal recently [...]

3 SEO Must Haves for Content Marketing

For successful online content marketing, you need a strategy before getting started, and not just a strategy for where to syndicate your content online. We’ve covered before that blogs and social media channels are the best platforms on which this content can be shared. The issues most people have about content marketing are what news [...]

Mobile Web Design is a Tough Sell, but Worth Buying

As any small business owner knows from talking to web designers, the mobile web is the next big thing. Yes, there is a mobile web now, but until everyone with a URL gets on board it’s not exactly the same web you can access from a desktop. Fortunately, there are tools that are designed to [...]

Writing SEO Friendly Web Page Titles

The title of your web page is the most important piece of content in terms of SEO. That’s because the HTML Title is the text within the “<title>” tag that can be found on the head of the HTML code, and it is the most prominent element that appears in search results. There are secondary [...]