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3 Tips on SEO for Videos

There has been a lot of talk for the past couple of weeks about the impact that a YouTube video allegedly may have had on foreign affairs. But for the business owner, online videos can have a huge SEO impact, because videos allow business owners to share keyword-rich content about their products and services with [...]

What Should Be Your Top Two Web Development Priorities?

On the surface, it may seem like web development is only relevant to the design of a website; what’s surprising to most business owners is that nothing could be further from the truth. Your website design may be as slick, sleek and dare we say sexy as possible, and still not receive any visitors because [...]

Bounce Back from Google Penguin: Change Your Link Building Strategy

What’s the secret to building links in a post-Google Penguin landscape – especially if you have already been penalized? After getting rid of any onsite keyword spam (one common cause of the penalty), the best thing you can do to help your site recover from Google Penguin is to try to beat the algorithm. You [...]

3 Google Keyword Research Tools to Use in PPC

Pay per click (PPC) marketing looks easy on its face, but there is strategy and effort involved. For example, keyword research is essential in any good PPC campaign. That’s because keywords are the foundation of pay per click advertising; without good keywords that users search for, a paid ad won’t produce a satisfactory return. Fortunately, [...]

Old School Marketing Methods that Help Social Media and SEO

When it comes time to build a marketing plan, most business owners limit themselves by thinking inside the constraints of their budgets and daily operational politics. But if you allow yourself to think freely and creatively, you can come up with some marketing concepts that can be shaped into practical strategies you may actually be [...]

5 Ways to Build Relationships on Twitter

Ask any social media agency owner what the number one goal of social media users should be today, and they’ll tell you it’s building (and maintaining) relationships. There are some rules for relationship building with your friends and followers, particularly on Twitter where businesses tend to connect more often, and relationships tend to form quickly [...]

Ecommerce Video Marketing Equals Better SEO, More Sales

There are a great many reasons to post videos on your website besides impressing visitors or influencing their time on site. This is especially true if yours is an ecommerce site. Experts say that incorporating some thoughtful video production into an SEO campaign for ecommerce websites can significantly improve search results over the competing sites [...]

5 Engagement Tips for SEO and Social Media

It was only a matter of time before we started talking about engagement again. Engaging with users is still the #1 most important way to keep them interested in your site and encourage them to spend money at your business. Engagement can help your SEO efforts, your social media presence, you name it; basically, it’s [...]