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What Makes Linkworthy Content Now?

Now that Panda and Penguin are here to stay, what makes linkworthy content this year is different than it was last year. The rules may never stop changing entirely, it seems, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore what makes linkworthy content now; after all, we all still need to earn and build links in [...]

Blog Post Formatting: What Matters Most?

Gone are the days when users were happy to digest pages of content at a time. Even devoted fans of popular blogs appreciate shorter posts that allow them to get in, be engaged, get informed and get out. On that note, let’s get right to the point; whether you use blogging for social media marketing, [...]

Getting in Touch with Your Users’ Emotions on Social Media

Sometimes in digital marketing, it’s easy to forget that when we talk about “users” we are actually talking about people. And those people have a range of emotions & intentions which must be properly understood and appealed to when you’re attempting to market to them throughout various inbound marketing platforms.

3 Big Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

If you have been doing social media marketing for your business with any regularity and have yet to see results, it could be because you just aren’t doing it right. That’s right, many businesses fall into the trap of using social media as they would other inbound marketing channels, to talk at their audience, rather [...]

SEO Agency Alert: Unlisted Update for Google Panda!

While Google Panda and Penguin have been in effect since 2011, the algorithms are routinely being updated. Then, Google lists the changes that are made in its search quality highlights report. In fact, the report reveals there were more than 65 changes made to Google Panda in August and September. But experts, including the SEO [...]

Do Fake Social Media Reviews Work?

Who doesn’t love to read online reviews? Let’s be honest: We even like to read the bad ones. There’s something very cathartic about seeing someone else trash the restaurant that gave you bad service last week, because it validates what you already know: That this place is a horrible restaurant staffed by mean, mean people. [...]

Integrate SEO and Social Media for a More Effective Website

It’s way past time for website owners to realize that their SEO rankings are correlated to their social media activity. An effective website is one that combines SEO and social media campaigns; no matter what your business is, your SEO should be integrated with your social media activity, and vice versa. Here are some techniques [...]

Where Walmart’s Local Facebook Campaign Went Wrong

Remember Walmart’s much-hyped launch of 3,600 Facebook pages last year for its local stores? Well, it turns out those pages have not had much of an impact. In fact, analytics and social media agency says that local Walmart pages on Facebook are not even as popular as the Facebook pages of the independent small [...]

No One is Linking to You? Here’s Why

Are you frustrated that no one is linking to your Ecommerce site? Are you under the impression that what you sell isn’t “sexy” enough for anyone to link to you? If so, there’s good news: You’re wrong, at least on the second count. According to leading blog Search Engine Watch, every niche industry website can [...]