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Why Blogging Matters for B2B Businesses

You can’t write, you don’t have anything interesting to say and you don’t have an audience anyways…so why should your small, B2B company have a blog? Fear not! There are several very good reasons, and there are also good solutions available for your B2B firm’s blogging problems. Nevermind the fact that if you’re passionate and [...]

SEO and Social Media Marketing Methods for Local Businesses

Ecommerce is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon your local customer base. No matter how much online volume they do, local businesses will always need local customers. The good news is, you can still use easy online marketing tools to lure those nearby prospects in. Here are some ways to use [...]

Happy Thanksgiving, from Crest Media

Today, we at Crest Media would like to wish all of our North American readers, clients, partners a very happy Thanksgiving and blessings for a prosperous 2013! We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best and most creative Web Development & Internet Marketing services, valuable information & transparent reporting, with an evergreen [...]

How a Social Media Agency Can Help with Brand Shaping

Even when you spend years dreaming up a business concept, branding your company is not always easy. Some startups struggle with branding for the first several months after their launch – and in some cases, by the time they finish shaping their brand, it’s already too late. Investors drop out because they don’t see the [...]

Negative SEO Campaigns: Are You a Target?

The point of Google Penguin was to cut back on the effects of low-quality backlinks on the organic search performance of websites. Those who were doing SEO the right way were unhappy, but black hat SEO spammers were just fine with the Penguin update. Why? Because black hat SEO providers use negative SEO, the practice [...]

Don’t be a Social Media Bore

Do you find that even with a consistent posting strategy for your company’s social media profiles, there just isn’t any engagement or response from your audience? If that describes what’s happening, then there’s a good chance you are boring your social media audience. If so, no one in your network will share your content or [...]

Mobile is Mainstream; Brands Must be on Board!

According to Search Engine Land, an analysis of the mobile traffic of a cross section of marketers revealed that up to 25-30% of all paid search traffic is now mobile. If PPC didn’t work on the mobile platform, there would no longer be a demand for it; so now, more than ever, it is imperative [...]

Leveraging the Customer Service Power of Social Media

Research from the analysts at Gartner shows that companies are finally beginning to tap into the power of social media as a customer service tool. While 62% of customers have already used social media for customer service issues, 80% of companies plan to begin using social media for the same purpose. “Social media customer service [...]

Content Creation is Equally Important on Every Platform

Only a few short years ago, content creation was unique to a certain kind of marketer. But now that content marketing (as opposed to just “content”) is the new king of digital media, everyone is a content creator by virtue of necessity. There’s really no way to market your business online without content to help [...]

3 Ways to Fix Your Failing PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click is still a viable form of online marketing, but some PPC service providers may get discouraged at when results don’t look like they used to. If this is the case, don’t get discouraged; it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing something that can’t be fixed. There are plenty of reasons that PPC campaigns stop performing. [...]