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Achieving Ranking Diversity with SEO and PPC (w/VIDEOS)

Having served a diverse client base in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, we consider ourselves very fortunate for two main reasons when we get to speak with small and medium sized business owners about search engine marketing. The primary reason we are fortunate, is that even if business owners don’t sign up with [...]

Is it Time to Switch Your Pay Per Click Company?

When your current PPC company was courting you, they promised the moon and the stars; in the context of PPC campaigns, that means promising frequent conversions and thorough reporting. So now that you have been on board with them for awhile, have they kept those promises – or, have they begun to slack off? Here [...]

How Social Media Makes a Real Impact for Entrepreneurs

As a Los Angeles social media agency, we have helped many clients leverage social media to their advantage. Normally, the first payoff of a social media campaign is the brand recognition it provides – a big plus for any entrepreneur. But the impact of social media marketing is even greater than getting your name out [...]

How To Earn Links Through Infographics

Because of Google Panda and Penguin, there is now less value in using anything that could be classified as a “directory” to acquire links, and far more value in earning the links you need for good search rankings. Yes, they have made it harder on us – but thankfully, it is possible to earn links [...]

5 Building Blocks of Content Marketing

There are numerous paths toward achieving your content marketing goals, but before embarking on any of them, one must first understand the building blocks of content marketing. First, a definition: Content marketing is the act of publishing and sharing different types of content on various internet platforms for the purpose of marketing a business. Now, [...]

How SEO Providers Can Use Google’s How Search Works

Google knows that some people still don’t understand how their search engine works. Even a lot of SEO experts don’t fully understand all of the ins and outs to Google’s highly sophisticated algorithm (not that it stops us from trying). Thankfully, Google has acknowledged that audience last week by putting out an infographic called How [...]

How Brands Can Use the New Facebook Layout

Following a highly publicized reveal event last week, another new Facebook layout is on its way! Although it will be a very gradual rollout, the new Facebook News Feed began reaching some users on Thursday, March 7 (live testing began in February, for New Zealand users). Some of the changes we can expect to see [...]

Meeting Demands for Social Media Engagement

As the one-way street of marketing began splitting into a forked road several years ago, the effectiveness of print advertising diminished and the rise of social media marketing began. But while having a presence across multiple social media channels is great, it only helps a brand if the brand engages with its audience on those [...]

Just Launched a Website? 5 Things to Know About SEO

In the marketing world, it’s easy to forget that some business owners are also first-time website owners. But as a Los Angeles SEO firm with a broad clientele base, we at Crest Media know that the role of business owners is to be experts on their businesses, and our role is to be experts on [...]