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How Can Your Video be Found on YouTube Search?

Despite the popularity of other platforms that have emerged in the past several years, YouTube is still an important marketing channel that helps businesses increase conversion rates. The site receives more than 1 billion unique visitors each month, so a “top results” spot in YouTube search is a good place to be. Here are three [...]

Can You Get a Google Penalty for Short User Comments?

Last year, it was confirmed by Google that there are in fact penalties for site owners who allow users to put spam in their comments. In a previous era of SEO, some site owners may have kept spammy comments with links to other sites simply because they wanted comments, believing that the activity on the [...]

The Only Content Marketing Strategy You Need

As an advertising agency in Austin that also offers social media agency services, we can nearly guarantee that when you speak with any social media marketing firm, the one service they will certainly offer you is content marketing. That is good, because content marketing is a proven method for helping webmasters increase conversion rates. But [...]

Updating Your Business Blog Means Valuing Your Brand

For consumers who follow the blogs of the brands they support, it is frustrating when a company’s blog just “drops off”, meaning the once-steady flow of content seemingly just stops. Brands that fail to update their blogs regularly are projecting a poor image for their company. If a reader visits a company’s blog, only to [...]

5 More Tips from the LinkedIn Best Company Pages List

LinkedIn has come a long way in just 10 years. Now, businesses that have engaging company pages on LinkedIn are becoming known for more than just their products and services. Whether you choose to use them on your own or with the help of a Los Angeles social media agency like ours, here are five [...]

Newsjacking: How to Proceed with Caution

The trend known as “newsjacking” has become a popular activity for brands, and social media agency experts are generally supportive of the practice. Perhaps this is because 70 percent of consumers receive news on Facebook, and 36 percent get their news on Twitter. So by using a current news topic as an angle for a [...]

5 Tips from the LinkedIn Best Company Pages List

LinkedIn released its Best Company Pages List for 2012, and our San Francisco social media agency believes there are some important lessons to be learned from the 12 companies that made the list. On the slideshow “Top 10 Tips from Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012,” companies that ranked on the list offered tips for [...]

How Responsive Web Design Improves Your ROI

Responsive Web design is now the standard bearer for mobile Web design; our Houston Web design firm has created some outstanding mobile sites for clients using the responsive method. But the advantages of responsive Web design go beyond the product of a user-friendly mobile website. For business owners, there is serious ROI potential associated with [...]

Limit Your Content, without Limiting Your Impact

As a social media agency that watches industry trends, one movement we have noticed is an emphasis on quality over quantity. Rather than churning out content all day long under the guise that it will surely result in a few conversions, it seems that a more conservative, thoughtful approach is being embraced. But can you [...]

What is Inbound Marketing?

Just when you thought you knew every digital marketing term there was to know, another one emerges. This time, it is inbound marketing. Fortunately, inbound marketing is not a hard concept to grasp; in fact, it is comprised of techniques you are (hopefully) already doing.

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