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Beyond SEO: How To Engage Potential Customers With Viral Marketing [w/VIDEOS]

For anyone who’s done even the most cursory of research into digital marketing, the power of SEO as a lead development resource is indisputable. Nearly everyone in the business world knows that ranking well in Google, Bing & Yahoo for competitive and industry-relevant search queries is of paramount importance for getting your firm in front […]

Afraid to Create New Content? Try these Ideas

If there is one thing website owners seem to be afraid of, it is adding new content to the website; we have found this to be the case in working with some of our own Austin SEO clients. Often, small business marketers find the pressure of creating new content for the website intimidating. Perhaps because […]

Has Google Changed its Stance on Link Building?

For years, webmasters and SEO companies placed such enormous focus on link building (the process of getting backlinks from high quality websites as a way to improve one’s search engine rankings) that Google had to introduce highly controversial algorithms as a way of penalizing those who went about link building the wrong way, in an […]

Should Your Business be on the New MySpace?

Myspace is back, emerging from beta as of this week. It has been rebranded as a social entertainment network aimed at the Gen Y audience, with a focus on immersive photos and a layout that has been called “Pinterest meets Tumblr.” For those who are looking to build their networks quickly, Myspace is making it […]

How Brands Can Use Facebook #Hashtags

Facebook has made great strides in refining itself over its short history, and each change forces social media agency services to quickly learn how the new features can be used by brands marketing themselves on Facebook. Unlike Timeline and the new News Feed, the latest change – the Facebook hashtag – is optional. And, even […]

Old SEO Tricks that No Longer Work

For all the mixed messages and vaguery in internet marketing, no one has ever said SEO is a static discipline. In a post-Panda and Penguin landscape, many of the tactics SEO companies once used to get their clients on the first page of Google no longer work. In fact, many of them will now do […]

3 Things Every Guest Blogger Needs

Recently, we explained the best practices for choosing a guest blogger. Now that you have found one or more expert guest bloggers to write for your site, it’s time to be a good host to your new guests and provide some resources and tools to make their job easier. Our Dallas SEO agency has worked […]

Need to Boost Authority? Try Guest Bloggers

If you have a goal to increase conversion rates but are not sure your site is viewed as authoritative, one way to boost your credibility (with readers and with search engines) is to ask others in the industry to contribute guest blog posts. Having an assortment of authors on your business blog (who are experts […]

How the New Google Keyword Planner Affects Mobile Search Marketing

It is just a fact: paid mobile advertising & mobile SEO are different from their desktop counterparts. Because of the distinctions from traditional SEO and PPC, including the differences in keywords that users enter on desktops vs. mobile devices, Dallas area SEO firms like ours know that mobile SEO and PPC needs its own products […]

Forgotten Elements of Web Design

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