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Content Delivery Networks, and their SEO benefits

As a busy SEO company in Los Angeles, we are often asked if we can provide SEO services to websites hosted on a content delivery network. The answer is yes, we certainly can. What is a content delivery network (CDN)? A CDN is a tool that allows you to host your site, or parts of […]

Using Facebook Photo Comments for Brand Pages

There’s another new tool for brands to put in their social media arsenal: Facebook photo comments! It’s been a few weeks since Facebook implemented the photo comments feature on personal accounts; now, it is allowing brand Pages to comment with photos as well. According to a Facebook spokesperson, “Leaving a photo comment is as simple […]

3 Keyword Factors in an SEO Site Audit

One of the most important services an SEO company can offer is an audit of your website. An SEO site audit is a review of your website, measured against the current best practices of the industry. “Current” is important, because SEO guidelines change regularly as Google changes its algorithms and experts release new information about […]

Content Creation: What are Businesses So Afraid Of?

Guess what 48% of marketing professionals who participated in an Ascend2 study claimed that their biggest SEO challenge was? Not too surprising to us, it was creating original content. This is a growing sentiment we see among many business owners, but because we routinely create original and compelling content for SEO clients throughout Texas, we […]

Successfully Integrating SEO and Social Media

According to one new study viewed by our Los Angeles social media experts, there is one thing that sets companies that are successful with SEO apart from those that aren’t: the degree to which they integrate social media into their campaigns. The study by research agency Ascend2, the findings of which were published in the […]

The Pros and Cons of Microsites

Microsites are nothing new; in fact, our web design company has been building them for San Francisco-based businesses since day one. However, they have become a trend that has reached a fever pitch recently. Before we explore why, let’s define what they are. A microsite can be defined as a single landing page with its […]

Prioritizing Owned Media, Paid Media and Earned Media

Are you utilizing a branding and content marketing strategy? Because no two strategies will work equally well for any two businesses, it is important to first understand the difference between the most common three types of media channels. Also, because good branding and content marketing strategies rely heavily on using media channels of varying types, […]

Happy Independence Day from Crest Media, Inc.

We would like to take a moment to wish our American readers & clients a very Happy Independence Day! We will be off for the remainder of the week, so this post will be the last one until next week. As is the case for all of our official holidays, we take the time off […]

How Will You Measure Your SEO Success?

It is too easy to fall into the trap of calling your SEO campaign a failure because it hasn’t yet reached some arbitrary objective. With that in mind, our Los Angeles SEO experts would like to offer a different perspective about how to measure your SEO campaign’s success. If any of the above objectives are […]

Following the Rules Means Running a Better Facebook Contest

While the effectiveness of paid Facebook advertisements seems to be on the decline, our Los Angeles social media agency has noticed that there is still big potential in free promotional opportunities on Facebook. One example of such an opportunity is a contest. Running a Facebook contest is something that can be done right on your […]