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Survey: Blogging is now “Critical” to the Success of Businesses

Our advertising agency in Austin has long advocated the importance of every business properly maintaining a blog; in fact, we provide blogging as a service to make the process easier. Now, there are numbers that show us most business owners agree. A Hubspot survey reports that 65% of businesses marketing online also have a blog; […]

Survey: Older Adults, High Incomes now on Social Media

Our Los Angeles social media agency has good news for brands that want to target older adults on social media: With each passing year, social media use increases more among this age group. The data comes from Pew Research Center, which conducts an annual Internet Research and American Life Tracking survey to study social media […]

Should You Enable Google Authorship in Your Content?

If you have a Google+ account, you can link the content you create for your brand to that account to take advantage of the Google Authorship feature, which will provide you with a byline in search engines. Our SEO company in Los Angeles has seen plenty of data that shows us the value of authorship, […]

Tablet-Friendly Design Helps Brands Target Multitasking Audiences

Tablets, which approximately one-third of Americans now own, have forever changed the way we consume information and entertainment. Our Los Angeles web design firm finds it interesting that a number of studies have been devoted to one specific niche of tablet usage: using the tablet while watching television. According to a report from UK telecoms […]

Should You Use Paid Social Media in Your Campaigns?

Paid social media is a great tool for boosting your campaigns on popular social channels. Our San Francisco area social media team does not recommend that you rely solely on paid social to establish an audience, but we do suggest that you use it as a way to supplement your organic audience building efforts. The […]

3 Places for Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is the alternative term for external SEO, the practice of optimizing your website by getting links to your site from other sources. One of those sources could be a site on which you generate the content, then link back to your site to boost your rankings. This is a legitimate tactic used by […]

What’s so Great About Authenticity on Social Media?

Social media agency experts often speak of being “authentic” as if it is the highest virtue a brand can possibly achieve. It may seem strange that something you do on your Facebook page can now be regarded as an achievement, but there is a good reason for it: Consumers respond to authenticity. Online, they respond […]

Why Does Email Marketing Work?

Did you know that last year, 44% of email users made a purchase based on a promotional email? It’s true! The numbers say it all: email marketing works. But why does it work? After all, it is a relatively simple marketing technique, and it only utilizes a small portion of a company’s overall marketing budget. […]

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Info for PPC Advertisers

As you may have heard, Google recently transitioned all AdWords accounts to “enhanced campaigns,” a model that was first introduced in February (around the same time as some changes to Google Maps). That means the company will now retire its traditional PPC model (aka AdWords “legacy”). Although giving yourself a pay per click management upgrade […]

Rules for Hidden Text: How to do it without Spamming

As we recently told our Austin SEO audience, hiding text inside content is a webmaster tactic that is likely to lead to a Google penalty. Google views the practice of putting text on a white backdrop, behind an image or off the screen to be equal to keyword stuffing and search engine manipulation. Fortunately, you […]

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