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3 Facebook Changes that Help Businesses

Facebook is constantly making changes, and this time there are some updates that could affect brands and business owners in a positive way. Why is this a big deal? Because these updates affect both, how brands can be found by potential fans, and how brands communicate with those fans. Here are three Facebook changes that […]

What is Google Hummingbird, and How Will it Affect SEO Companies?

Austin SEO customers may be concerned about the Google Hummingbird update; here is some information that may be helpful. First, what is Google Hummingbird? It is the new search algorithm introduced by Google in late September 2013. Unlike other changes to the algorithm, such as Panda and Penguin, Google Hummingbird is a change to the […]

Guest Blogging or Paid Links? Giving Google the Right Impression

Our Houston SEO blog has often touted the virtues of guest blogging. Putting guest bloggers on a site can boost its credibility, both with readers and with Google alike. Despite this, sites with a variety of guest bloggers are constantly walking a fine line. They must ensure that their guest bloggers are creating quality content […]

Making the Most of the Content News Cycle

References to “the news cycle” are typically applied to television and Internet reporting of traditional news. But the truth is, industries and brands have news cycles as well. Capitalizing on that by generating content throughout the news cycle can be profitable in a variety of ways; it can improve SEO rankings, expand social influence and […]

Does Responsive Web Design Improve Conversion Rate?

Our Austin web design team endorses responsive web design practices for building mobile sites, and for good reason. For one thing, responsive design allows brands to create mobile sites that are equal in quality to their primary desktop websites. This presents the audience with a better impression of the brand, thereby optimizing both sites for […]

Links that are Still “Unnatural” to Google

After Google Panda and Penguin, webmasters found that many of the links they relied on to boost their authority were being classified as “unnatural” by Google. Some SEO companies had hoped that Google’s more recently adopted manual review processes would work in their favor; unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. In fact, […]

Facebook Influence: Can it Really Make or Break a Business?

It was recently said that social media has allowed recommendations to go on steroids, and that is absolutely true in the eyes of our social media agency. In particular, Facebook is becoming a destination for consumers to find out how their peers feel about local businesses, mainly due to its versatility as a platform for […]

Don’t Overlook these Local SEO Tools

Our Los Angeles SEO company knows that local businesses and their marketing staff can get overwhelmed by the frequently changing tactics being recommended for local search marketing. It may seem like the moment you start gaining momentum with one tactic, experts start recommending another. This issue can become confounded further when a business has multiple […]

Why Was Your Email Marketing Campaign a Failure?

As one of a handful of advertising agencies in Austin that provides email marketing services, we are sometimes asked why a previous email campaign didn’t work. “I used to do email marketing,” new clients sometimes tell us. “I never got any real leads from it.” Our response? There’s a reason for that. Actually, there could […]

A Checklist for Mobile App Development Customers

Companies that are preparing to launch an app for the first time have their work cut out for them, even if they plan to outsource the mobile application development to a provider. What kind of work? In a word, preparation. App clients need to have their ideas prepared in presentation format, so they can convey […]

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