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3 Reasons Your Social Media Campaign is Failing

Many business owners hear the hype around content marketing and social media, only to be disappointed after investing in both and failing to experience the results they want. Why does this happen? Our San Francisco area social media experts have compiled a few potential reasons. If you are discouraged by your underperformance on social media, consider these possibilities.

1. You’re using the wrong social media channels. If you have heard that Google+ is the place to be for brands in your industry, then by all means your brand should be on there; but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect a more “traditional” channel like Facebook. Twitter is another channel that is only viable as a marketing platform for certain kinds of industries. Do your research to see how many engaged followers your competitors have on Twitter (emphasis on “engaged.” Lots of brands have followers that never interact with them, so it is important to evaluate the engagement level before investing in a Twitter campaign).

2. You’re not producing enough content. Some business owners treat their social media audiences like a high school crush: They play hard to get, under the guise that it makes them look more appealing. Unfortunately, they are doing it all wrong and losing prospective customers in the process. Ignoring the audience won’t get you more followers; it will just make your brand look bad.

While there is no benefit to ignoring your social media accounts, there is a good chance you will increase conversion rates if you create content – high quality content, of course – on a regular basis. Producing content one to two times per week, then sharing on your social media channels, is an investment that will greatly improve your social media ROI.

3. You’re not taking any of it seriously. Maybe it’s an outdated school of thought, or maybe it’s just fear of the unknown. Either way, too many marketers are failing to take their social media metrics seriously. Some of the metrics that are important for you to know include:

  • How many monthly leads you generate
  • How much you pay per lead
  • Your average open rate for emails
  • Your average click-through rate

Taking Back Control of Your Social Media

This is different than knowing how many Twitter followers you have; this is analysis that can help you make better decisions for your entire marketing budget. Of course, there are formulas to figuring “all this stuff” out. That is why services like our San Francisco social media firm exists. We have the analytical tools to discover the numbers behind your campaigns. If your social media campaigns are underperforming, ask us if we can help you fix them. The answer might be yes!

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