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3 Signs Your Blog is Failing

Does your blog need a fast intervention, before it fails altogether? Difficult as it may be to accept, simply having a blog for your brand isn’t going to automatically prove to be successful, if you make common mistakes in writing content for it. Here are three signs that your blog posts might be failing your brand, according one of the best advertising agencies in the Austin area.

1. You Post too Irregularly.

If your most recent post is dated last month, its very probable that you are not posting often enough to be effective. Updating your blog sporadically makes it virtually impossible to build an audience; instead, you will end up with stray visitors who stumble on your blog once and find no good reason to come back. In fact, many readers who see a blog with no recent posts will be likely to think that the blog is defunct. And that doesn’t even begin to address what abandoning your blogging obligations will do to your SEO. Your blog needs to be updated every week, at a minimum. If you don’t have time to write a blog post (or don’t feel competent to write your blog), there are plenty of SEO companies that can help.

2. You Promote Yourself too Much.

Wait a minute; isn’t that why you have a blog in the first place? Yes, but the audience already knows that. If the only message your blog sends is, “we sell this” or “buy from us,” readers will quickly become bored – even if they have been a loyal customer up to that point. Also, there is an SEO caveat to this; remember that Google now looks at “conversational search” signals with its new Hummingbird algorithm. If your blog fails to answer any relevant reader questions, there’s a good chance that your rankings are going to suffer.

3. Your Writing Fails to Impress.

Or inform…or engage…or hold anyone’s attention. If your blog is rife with grammatical errors, that alone could kill your readership. There are all kinds of pitfalls that business owners can fall into when it comes to writing the company blog, and none of them are anything to be ashamed of. You are qualified to run your business, while someone else may be better qualified to write your blog. Sometimes, it’s just that simple.

What to Do If Your Blog is Failing

Of course, it may not be possible to stand back and look at your writing objectively, especially when one is intimately connected to a brand or product. That’s okay; just ask someone you trust, who you believe is qualified to deliver an analysis. Better yet, contact an SEO company that offers ghost-blogging services alongside such analysis. They can offer you a complimentary analysis of your blog and help you delegate your blogging duties to a qualified content writer.

In fact, any of these problems can be remedied by outsourcing to quality SEO companies. As one of the most trusted advertising agencies in Austin, Crest Media has already helped countless businesses with their blogs. Contact us if you would like more information!

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