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3 Tips on YouTube Marketing for Businesses

YouTube Marketing For BusinessContrary to pop culture notions, YouTube isn’t just a fun diversion that feeds you a daily dose of cute cats, dumb stunts and adorable kids under the influence of dental anesthesia. Just as its counterparts Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have multiple purposes for personal and professional use, YouTube can also be quite valuable as both a social destination and a video web marketing tool. Using YouTube to market your business can be a fun endeavor that gets your business noticed in a big way – if you do it right.

That means that you must carefully choose what kind of video content you post on YouTube. Here are some useful tips for YouTube marketing:

Create a channel.

Rather than posting your videos “wherever,” you should create a YouTube channel for your business. This puts all of your videos in one place. It ensures that once one of your videos is viewed, users will see a “more from this channel” suggestion that urges them to continue clicking on your videos first. If they have an interest in your subject and they liked your first video, they are more likely to stay on your channel and view more of what you have to offer because staying on one channel is convenient.

Research the competition.

There is a good chance your competitors may already be marketing on YouTube as well. You need to check out their channels to see what they have been posting. The point is not to “copy” them, but to assess whether they are employing good concepts – and if they are, then you set out to do it better.

For instance, if they are making some good how-to videos, you need to make some great ones. This not only goes for your local competitors, but for anyone in your industry nationwide. Establishing yourself as a subject matter expert on YouTube is just generally good for your brand, even if you only service a regional audience.

Explore new ideas.

Whether or not your competition is capitalizing on these ideas, consider the following types of YouTube marketing videos for businesses:

  • How-to’s/tutorials of tasks in your industry
  • “Day in the life” series of your business
  • Demos of your products or services
  • Tours of your facility
  • Assembly videos of your products (these can be sped up for visual interest)
  • Informative interviews with your CEO or staff

It may not be appropriate to do all of them, of course; try choosing three, and see which ones obtain the most hits.

YouTube marketing is a great tool for businesses of all types. If you need guidance on your video web marketing projects, feel free to contact Crest Media with your questions.

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